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About Us

About Us

About C.O.C. Surveillance, LLC


C.O.C. Surveillance, LLC was started by Mike and Sylvia in October of 2013. The company was established to provide Advanced Video Surveillance & Alarm solutions for Residential and Commercial applications. 

Mike brings with him more than 10 years of law enforcement experience and prides himself on professional and on-time customer service. Mike believes in not only selling quality equipment, but he also provides quality installation at an affordable price. 

Sylvia brings over 20 years of business management experience from owning and running her own business. She understands the aspects of excellent customer service and quality products from top manufacturers. 

Our Beginnings


Mike and Sylvia are no strangers to the aftermath of criminal activity. In 2011, Sylvia and Mike fell victim to a burglary of their home like millions of Americans do each year. The suspects stole thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, jewelry and cherished memories. Some things simply cannot be replaced. 

They were left feeling violated and just downright taken advantage of, and their kids were living in fear. Without the evidence that comes with a surveillance system, they were left with the disappointment of knowing their memories were gone forever. From his experience, Mike knows just how tough it is to solve a crime, and without the necessary evidence, it is extremely difficult to track down your possessions. This is why he will strive to provide you with the best surveillance solution for your home or business. 

Let Sylvia and Mike give you the peace of mind you deserve. Ask for your free quote for your home or business today! Call (936) 588-7410 for security solutions.

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